Sidekick Marketing SupportWell, Sidekick Marketing Support is me. My name is Deena Eberhart and I believe that small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) are really important to the health of our communities, society, and economy. That’s why my business is solely geared towards helping them with their online marketing.


The reason I call my company Sidekick is because I see SMB owners as heroes. And sometimes heroes need a sidekick to win the day. That’s where I want to be, along side of you, helping you market your business online.


My goal is to help you reach your online marketing goals, whether it is to have an effective website, update your current site, manage your Facebook page, write compelling blogs or posts, or keep your customers up-to-date with a monthly newsletter.


Give me a call at 570-478-5425 or fill out my contact form so we can talk about what you need as well as see if we are a good match in regards to working together. No pressure, no salesy schmoozing. (Ugh. I hate that too!)